You’re familiar with the Food Pyramid, right? It’s a pretty picture that tells you what you should be eating, and in roughly what proportions. Lots of grains, some fruit and vegetables, less meat and dairy, and save a little room for donuts.

Oops – that would be the Canadian Food pyramid – NOT the raw-food pyramid. The raw one will skip most of that, and focus on the healthy parts. Here are some links to various websites that go into some detail about the Raw Food Pyramid. Suddenly, leafy greens are their own category, not just an after-thought that gets lumped in with vegetables. Take a look!

At Vegan Raw Diet – “After trying unsuccessfully to find a good raw food pyramid, I decided to design one myself. This raw food pyramid incorporates all the food groups for a raw foodist. Enjoy.”

Raw Food Energy Benefits says “to get this right, your main diet should be raw food fruits and veg, small amount of nuts and seeds, the fats in fruits are fine, sprouted seeds are great for living enzymes, add these and herbs to your juices and smoothies” – but implies that nuts and seeds are the only source of protein, even though protein-rich leafy-greens are recommended for large-scale consumption.

Raw Energy reminds us that fresh water is the #1 thing we should be consuming (not surprising, given that the human body is roughly 65% water).

Think Raw Food First, recognizing that not everyone is ready to go 100% raw, has put together a food pyramid that emphasizes raw food, while still finding a place for a small amount (15%) of cooked food (whole grains, vegetables…).

Watershed offers a lengthy and scientific-sounding explanation of the raw-food pyramid, with sprouts gaining a significant mention.