There are a lot of great things about going raw (the health benefits, for example, and how great I feel!) – but I’ve got to admit I used to get VERY TIRED of the amount of salad I was eating. So at some point I started to look around for other things I could have for supper that felt more like MEALS. Raw stuffed mushrooms is one of the things I came up with. The possibilities are endless!

RawMazing – Raw Stuffed Mushrooms with Rosemary ‘Cream’
There are some days that recipe inspiration does not come easy. And then sometimes, you get lucky. You see an ingredient and a whole dish falls into place. Strolling farmer’s markets can be a great idea. Veggies and fruits are everywhere calling out, “pick me!” Yesterday, these portobello mushrooms had that effect on me. When I spotted them, I could not resist. I saw them stuffed with a flavorful, healthy filling made with tomatoes, onions, olives, spinach and pine nuts, topped with a creamy rosemary “cream” sauce. The recipe was born!

The Rawtarian – Raw Stuffed Mushrooms
Raw stuffed mushrooms are awesome for entertaining. You can enjoy your raw stuffed mushrooms still rather moist and warm, which is nice. Or for a neat, chewy zingy exciting tiny morsel try dehydrating until they are very small and shrunken. Soooo good both ways, depending on your mood! – Raw Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms with Herbed Pate
Pates are very common in the raw food lifestyle since they are savory, filling and easy to prepare. Generally, to make a raw vegan pate, nuts and seeds are soaked and then blended in a food processor with various other vegetables, oils and spices. Here we use the raw walnut pate as a filling for raw stuffed mushrooms. You don’t need a dehydrator to warm up the mushrooms, but it is still nice to allow them to sit and marinate before stuffing them.