Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a fantastic part of any raw food diet (I’ve been enjoying them for years!). There’s no better way to exponentially increase your intake of leafy green vegetables – one of the most nutritionally-dense foods around. They’re quick and easy to prepare – all you need is a blender.

Evolving Wellness – an Introduction to Green Smoothies
Green smoothies are a meal idea that is today becoming more and more familiar to many people. What was once an odd or unheard of green drink to the average person, common only to the raw-vegan community, is today becoming a more visible staple in many Western homes.

Naturally Radiant – Green Smoothies, the breakfast of champions
What if you could get almost a whole day’s worth of nutrients from breakfast alone, at a reasonable price and in only 5 minutes?

Smoothie Handbook – Radiance one smoothie at a time
What is a green smoothie? Why are so many people raving about them anyways? It is where greens are blended with a fruit smoothie. It is actually very easy to cover up the flavor of the greens with the sweet fruits. Please, read more about this powerhouse of nutrients before you make any judgments against the idea.

Green Smoothie Recipes and Information
Green Smoothies are simple – take any fresh greens you like and blend them with fruit. My current favorite is baby spinach with 2 big pears. Spinach builds strong bones! And a clean colon, but Popeye was quiet about that. Remember the Variety Rule – don’t eat today what you ate yesterday. Blend different fruits and greens each day.

Passionate Homemaking – the wonders of green smoothies
Did you know that through one green smoothie you can consume 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables? Did you also know that eating green smoothies is one of the easiest way to digest the full nutrients of fruits and vegetables? Green smoothies are a wonderful alternative, as opposed to juices, of absorbing the full potential by retaining the entire whole form of the fruit/vegetable, thus receiving…

The Raw Foods Witch – 13 Witchy Ways Green Smoothies Help You Feel Great
What if you could drink a magick potion that would revitalize you, clear your system of unwanted toxins, and take less than 13 minutes to make? Green Smoothies can do just that, and much more. All you need is a blender and an open mind. The great thing about green smoothies is that it doesn’t require much to get started.

Raw Divas – Raw Food Solutions For Women
Guess what everyone?! Today is the last day of my 30-day raw challenge! I can’t believe today’s the last day already. It seemed to go by so quickly! I’ve successfully completed a couple of 30-day raw challenges in the past, but the last time I did so was in August of 2009, so it’s been a while. Let me share with you why I decided I wanted to do another 30-day raw challenge and my results this time around. If you’re thinking about eating more greens or giving the raw food diet a try, but are on the fence and looking for reasons to take the plunge, then read on!

Green Smoothie Recipes
Smoothie Recipes delicious and healthy… There are so many recipes floating on the internet now but the basic ingredient of any smoothie is any fresh raw greens and fruit and the process of making them is as simple as blending them. These recipes insist on raw greens and fruits which are rich in enzymes and biophotons,they are a simple yet great powerhouse of energy,an ideal breakfast food when time is at a premium in the mornings. The other thumb rule…

Green Monster Movement – We like it green!
My name is Angela and I am the gal behind the Green Monster Movement! Wait, what is a Green Monster, anyways? My healthy living website, Oh She Glows, is where I first started writing about my first shot at making a green smoothie, that I called ‘Green Monster’. Let’s just say my first attempts did not turn out that great! 😉 Now, I blend together kale or spinach…

Got Greens? Green smoothies
Green Smoothies are blended drinks made with fresh leafy greens in them. Quite often the greens are blended with fruit resulting in a delicious meal bursting with nutrition! The Green smoothie Diet is becoming very popular. The health benefits of green smoothies are unmatched and Kids love them! Everyone has heard “greens are good for you” but few people realize the extent to which it is true. Raw Greens are one of the most nutritious…