Excalibur Dehydrator

If you’re into raw food, and love it that you’re eating so healthily, but getting a little bored with salads, a dehydrator can be just the thing to add all sorts of wonderful, delicious meals to your repertoire!

Raw Food Ideas – Raw Food Guide to Dehydrators
A food dehydrator is the ‘oven’ for the raw food kitchen. Gently warming the food keeps nutrients and enzymes intact, whilst creating new textures including …

Raw Foods Witch – What Is a Dehydrator, and How Do I Use It?
If you’re curious about making your own raw food dehydrated snacks then this review of what a dehydrator is and how to use it will be very helpful.

Raw Food Health Watch – Raw Food Dehydrator Reviews
Choosing the best food dehydrator shouldn’t be a matter of price alone; there are certain features that need to be considered when evaluating different brands and models. The total drying area, air flow, thermostat, and wattage…

>Raw Living Food Success – Dehydrated Raw Food and Dehydrator Review
Dehydrated raw food is important transition food and also a much better way to store food then the freezer. For instance, if you have greens and herbs going bad, just dehydrate them and use them as dried herbs or seasoning or as a snack later. I used to store…

Video – Raw Food Dehydrators – Do You Really Need One?
In this video I’m going to talk you through my 2 current favourite dehydrators, the pros and cons of each, and whether you really need one or not on the raw food diet.

Raw Food Diet – Dehydrator Recipes For Living Raw Foods
Here are some dehydrator recipes, which are also raw, living food recipes.

Raw Epicurian – Excalibur Food Dehydrator
Before I discovered raw food and began my raw food journey, I didn’t owned or used a dehydrator, but that quickly changed. Now, I proudly own, use, and adore my Excalibur. Dehydrating is one of the techniques raw foodists use to create raw food recipes and preserve foods…

Raw Food Review – Excalibur Dehydrator Review
Ever since I first started experimenting with the raw food diet I have wanted a food dehydrator. My parents actually bought me one they found at a yard sale last year, but it was one of the cheap round ones that doesn’t dry evenly or have a timer. If I’m going to take the time to dehydrate I would actually like my food to turn out well. So what I really wanted was the Cadillac of food dehydrators which is the Excalibur Food Dehydrator.

Raw Food Ideas – UnCooking With a Dehydrator
Heating food above 100-115 F destroys many of the nutritional benefits. A food dehydrator is the equivalent of an oven for the raw foodist. Dehydrators work by warming raw foods at very low temperatures to gently remove the moisture, creating new textures, variety, and colour to your raw food meals. What can you do with your food dehydrator?

The Rawtarian – Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes
After existing as a raw foodist without a dehydrator for quite some time now, I finally caved in and bought a dehydrator. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival in the mail! In the mean time, here’s a list of a few of the best raw dehydrator recipes that I’m excited to try. Starting with the one and only…