Leafy greens are a great source of calcium

How do I get enough calcium to prevent osteoporosis without consuming dairy products?

The fact that this question is even asked is an indication of exactly how effectively the powerful dairy industry has spread its propaganda. There are many non-animal sources of calcium which provide much higher-quality calcium than cow’s milk does, in addition to containing many other beneficial nutrients. Leafy greens, for example (where do you think cows get their calcium?), as well as nuts and seeds.

RAWMAZING – Raw Food Diets, Calcium and Osteoporosis
How can you protect yourself from osteoporosis if you are not eating dairy products? Especially since we have been taught for years that we need to be eating dairy products to get adequate calcium. The raw food diet is typically vegan.

The Vegan Society – Healthy choices on raw vegan diets
A raw food vegan diet may be defined in various ways, but usually entails at least 80% by weight being raw plants. Many people report feeling healthier and more energetic on adopting such diets, but there are too few long-term raw food vegans for direct evaluation of the success of raw vegan diets versus other diets. We can, however, evaluate such diets against known human nutritional requirements to gain a better understanding of the ways in which appropriate raw vegan diets could benefit health.

Become a Healthier You – Plant Foods High in Calcium
Are you worried about not getting enough calcium in your diet after adopting a vegan diet? There are plant foods that are high in calcium, maybe not as high as a glass of milk or yogurt, but do know there is calcium in all plant foods. The key to getting what you need is eating a variety of foods.

unCooking101 – How can a raw foodist get enough calcium?
One of the wonderful, but sometimes confusing, things about the human body is that it is more complicated than it is made to seem. For example, if you read the label or see the advertisements, an unsuspecting person might assume that their body would obtain 25% of the calcium it needs by drinking a cup of milk.

Getting Calcium From Raw Food
We all know that calcium is well-known for bone and teeth health, but I wonder how many people know that calcium is also principal for a healthy heart, circulatory system, healthy muscle tissue, blood, and skin?